3 Great Ways for Your Blog to Make Money

So you’ve got a blog and you want to make money. You thought ads were the way to go, but where did that get you? No matter what you blog…

by Hoogie Espinosa
3-min read
21 Pricing Strategies Small Businesses Need To Try

One huge difference between many small businesses and their larger counterparts is their pricing strategies. Or lack thereof. CC via PhotoPin Exceptional cases aside, one major gaffe a lot of…

by Art
8-min read
Your Revenue Is Ego. Your Cash Flow Is A Fact.

There seems to be a greater emphasis on revenue and profit numbers in analyzing business performance or making business decisions that we sometimes neglect a critical variable: cash flow. Granted,…

by Kevin Mark Rabida
5-min read
6 Reasons You SHOULDN’T Look for Investors

Getting investors for your company comes with great benefits. The most important being capital. However, there are many stories of people wishing they never looked for outside money as it…

by Hoogie Espinosa
2-min read
The Danger of Discounts

Discounts Sjoerd Lammers We’ve all probably gone through it. I know I have. You’re selling your services for the first time or close to it. It’s probably to a family…

by Hoogie Espinosa
3-min read
Starting a Business When Broke

“I traveled across the U.S. and around the world, and kept meeting unconventional entrepreneurs — people who had started a business almost unexpectedly, usually without a lot of planning and…

by Hoogie Espinosa
4-min read
How to Become Rich: Changing your Mindset

Ansel Edwards Tell me if this sounds familiar. You check your calendar and it’s the release date of that thing you’ve been waiting for. You head towards the store and…

by Hoogie Espinosa
4-min read
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