3 Studies that Offer Insights on Productivity

According to the US Labor Department, productivity fell at a 1.8 percent annual rate. That could restrain the economy’s growth as “Labour productivity remains the main driver of long-term growth”,…

by Justine Ivan Nolasco
3-min read
On Hiring Adults

Do you treat your fully grown adult employees as kids? Do they need to ask permission to do everything? Sadly, you’re not alone. A TON of managers do this and…

by Hoogie Espinosa
1-min read
Your Revenue Is Ego. Your Cash Flow Is A Fact.

There seems to be a greater emphasis on revenue and profit numbers in analyzing business performance or making business decisions that we sometimes neglect a critical variable: cash flow. Granted,…

by Kevin Mark Rabida
5-min read
10 Basically Baffling BYOD Blunders [INFOGRAPHIC]

Bring-Your-Own-Device policies can be the reason for next data breach Poorly enforced and ill-defined bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies necessarily lead to greater odds of a security breach. According to studies cited…

by Art
2-min read
Why Short Term Goals Trump Long Term

A lot of people, entrepreneurs and employees alike, are extremely addicted to their long term goals. And despite planning being a nice exercise, it’s a lot of guesswork and waste…

by Hoogie Espinosa
1-min read
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