Thanksgiving By The Numbers[INFOGRAPHIC]

Every year, Americans the world over cap off autumn with Thanksgiving. It’s a time for family, gratitude, and obscene amounts of food. But we don’t really think about how it started…

by Art
2-min read
Brace Yourselves. Internet Ubiquity is Coming.

“Internet of things” – the buzzword that is recently taking the tech world  is actually an old concept. The first instance of the concept being used would be Carnegie Mellon…

by Kevin Mark Rabida
4-min read
Curious Crowdfunding: Flow

I remember years back I took a photo of my baby niece with an early Canon Ixus. She asked to see the photo and so I did, but to my…

by Hoogie Espinosa
2-min read
7 Tips For A Kick-Ass Video Game Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter is dying. At least that’s what this failed kickstarter video game developer insists in the final update of his Official H.P. Lovecraft game The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.  “I didn’t…

by Kevin Mark Rabida
5-min read
Curious Crowdfunding: Hullabaloo

I love cartoons. I used to be filled with excitement every time a new episode of Samurai Jack or Zoids: Old Century got out. I have the same feeling today…

by Hoogie Espinosa
3-min read
A Tale of a Potato Salad Kickstarter: Epilogue

It’s been a rough journey, but the this chapter of Zack Danger Brown’s life has ended as the potato salad Kickstarter ended last Saturday. Let’s recap on what happened. A…

by Hoogie Espinosa
2-min read
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