What Story Does Your Brand Slogan Tell?

Photo credit: JD Hancock “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn” This six-word “novel” was popularly attributed to writer and journalist Ernest Hemingway. The story goes that Hemingway was in a…

by Kevin Mark Rabida
2-min read
Curious Kickstarter: Next Keyboard for iOS

I really like this product. or rather am really interested in it. Kind of a stretch of a post with only five days to go, but what the heck. Only…

by Hoogie Espinosa
4-min read
11 Crazy Business Ideas. Will They Work?

A somewhat hidden gem from Reddit is /r/stupidbiz where Redditors post business ideas that are “impractical, insane, or just plain stupid.” Some of these ideas are actually stupid enough to…

by Hoogie Espinosa
7-min read
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