Why Guest Post?

Guest posting is the easiest way to reach a new audience. It is a great marketing strategy to gain exposure for you, your blog and business. We do a lot of the promotional legwork and you gain a link back to your site – which can mean new visitors!

And it’s FREE. We won’t accept any monetary compensation for posts here.

How to Submit

E-mail the following:

(1) .doc or .odt file containing your article and author bio
(2) Author head shot
(3) At least one picture you want to include in your post. Optional, but highly recommended.


Article Guidelines:

All submitted posts are encouraged to meet the following guidelines:

(1) Between 400 and 2,000 words.

  • We can always give exceptions for good content.


(2) Have links or citations for data.

  • Links to commercial sites are discouraged, but may be used if within the right context.
  • You may speak from professional experience related to your own business or work without needing to link anything. Be sure to point that experience out on your bio.


(3) At least one related image (not including the author bio image) no smaller than 300×300 px in any common format.

  • Creative Commons, Public Domain, or your own preferred, but not required.
  • Please do not make us look for images to spice up a wall of text.
  • More than one image welcome.


(4) In plain English.

(5) In .doc or .odt 

(6) Original and not previously published elsewhere.

Author Bio and Link Guidelines:

(1) Author Picture/Headshot (File name must be author’s name). Must be 150x150px or larger

(2) Short description. Hobbies, your business, contact details, where or who you work for, etc. 200 words max

(3)You may place a maximum of two links to any of the following:

  • Personal page or blog
  • E-mail address
  • Personal/company social media account. i.e.; Facebook, G+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.


*Other links—-We discourage links to sites that we feel do not add value to our readers’ experience. If there’s genuine interest or community interaction in the linked site, feel free to link it. We will review these on a case-by-case basis and reserve the right to remove or refuse  links in submissions. However, we will always welcome other links mentioned. Spammy links and keywords may result in your submission getting rejected.

*Google Plus Authorship — this isn’t strictly needed, but if you’ve got a Google+ profile, we’d love if you could send that to us so we can put a Rel=”Author” Tag.

Feel free to list YouTheEntrepreneur as a place you contribute at.

Posts preferably related to any or more of the following:

(1) Your own personal small business/entrepreneurial story with lessons

(2) Small business/entrepreneurial lifestyle topics

(3) Self-improvement tips for managers and entrepreneurs (Psychology and other science angles preferred)

(4) Interviews with entrepreneurs/small business managers on the same topics above


Infographics, interviews, or videos related to all are welcome!


We feel that those general topics cover plenty of ground and offer plenty of variety. We may publish off-topic submissions on occasion,  but please don’t count on it. Also, remember that these are just guidelines. We’ll try to take each submission on a case by case basis.

Please do not e-mail us with proposals for submissions or guest posts. Just send us your files with an introduction if you have anything to submit. Use the suggested topics to maximize your chances of getting reviewed.

Requirements Recap:

(1) .doc file containing your article and author bio
(2) Author head shot
(3) At least one picture you want to include in your post.

“Ok, I sent it. What’s next?”

After we receive your small business article, your guest post will be reviewed. If accepted, someone will contact you with any questions, comments, or concerns. You will be contacted prior to or shortly after your article being published. Once your article has been published, you may publish it on your own blog or anywhere else so long as you cite and link to the original article on You The Entrepreneur.

While we will do our best to review all submissions, our resources are very limited. We reserve the right to ignore submissions that do not meet our requirements. We also reserve the right to make edits that do not change the intent of your piece.

If we are unable to post your submission within three weeks, please assume that we were unable to publish your post, and resubmit after reviewing the requirements.


We look forward to reading your submissions!